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July 3, 2017
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What makes our Surfacing so Special

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There are many kinds of surfacing companies out there for playgrounds. So naturally when someone is looking for their ideal playground surfacing, they have certain areas of quality that they are looking to meet. Generally speaking, those areas are usually protection and efficiency. Luckily for everyone, Pro-Techs Surfacing offers not only every aspect of protection and efficiency, but also variations of the kinds of turf that we provide. So whether or not you require double-layered safety surfacing, or just a light sand infill, Pro-Techs Surfacing does not disappoint with your community’s playground. Here are just a few specific strengths and capabilities of the 3 main sets of Surfacing materials.


Great for both indoor and outdoor environments, the 2-layer Perma-Play surface is built for playgrounds and is as safe as it is enduring. Containing a EPDM wear coat and a SBR base, the Perma-play surface is blended from some of the top binders in the country. It is IPEMA certified to meet ASTM F1292 and contains a never-ending custom design capability. It is a durable form of safety surfacing that is slip resistant and very easy to maintain. Aside from playgrounds, Perma-Play can be used for patios, running tracks, pool decks, safety mats, and more.


The perfect middle ground, Perma-Mulch offers low maintenance, long lasting, and environmentally friendly surface opportunity. Perma-Mulch is a 1 layer system that is easy to maintain and is produced from high-grade binder and 100% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer rubber. All the while it is certified by IPEMA, still making it a genuine option for safety surfacing. It is ideally used for outdoor playgrounds, landscaping (commercial and residential), wear mats, and other environments.

Playsafe Turf

The Playsafe Turf (AKA Perma-Turf) is the right surfacing for energetic people running and jumping with vigor. It contains sports performance fibers which has double dimensional stability. It also contains a unique impact attenuating padding. What makes this padding so special is that it can move nicely underneath the artificial grass, giving a smoother look. And instead of silica sand infill, Playsafe Turf uses a special infill that is able to cool the playing surface. This is especially useful since kids get out of school during the hottest time of the year. It wonderfully goes with playgrounds, parks, golf courses, and sports fields.


For more information on our products, safety surfacing precautions, and other services then please feel free to contact Pro-Techs Surfacing today.

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