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July 16, 2016
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Transforming Recess: More Safety Means More Freedom

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Any adult interacting with a school-aged kid will often fall into the trap of asking them the most basic of questions: what’s your favorite class?  A few of them will cite math, science, or Spanish, but most kids all have the same quippy answer: recess.  Recess is the time of day when kids come together to run around, play games, and build the social bonds that they will take with them years after they graduate from elementary, middle, and high school.  However, lunch time play often devolves into rough-housing, and even though a few scrapes or bruises may be worth the fun, serious injuries are not.  Teachers who have to monitor their students’ play spend valuable time having to be incredibly vigilant in order to deter any rowdy behavior.  Kids who feel constantly monitored by their teachers won’t feel free enough to be themselves and have a good time.  For the most relaxing recess possible, get the safest playground flooring option from Pro-Techs Surfacing.

Free Time for Teachers

If you’re an elementary school teacher, you’re likely on your feet all day.  Recess may be play time for the kids, but for you, you’re still on the clock.  If the playground of your school is made of hard materials like asphalt or concrete, the risk for injury if someone falls off the monkey bars or tumbles down the slide is going to be high.  Encouraging the administration of your school to make the playground as safe as possible by implementing softer playground flooring will be better for the kids, and it means that you won’t have to be quite as protective to prevent injury.

Ease of Mind for Parents

If you’re a parent, then you remember dropping your kid off at kindergarten for their day.  That feeling of not wanting to let go and not wanting to leave them sticks with you, and when you drop your child off at school every day you want to know that they are the safest they could possibly be.  Seeing that your child’s school uses rubber playground surfacing rather than other playground surfacing options is reassuring, and will bring you the peace of mind to not spend so much time worrying about them during the day.

Safer for Kids

With better and safer recreational flooring options, kids are free to play how they want to.  In so much activity and running around, they’re bound to get a little banged up, but tripping during recess shouldn’t result in anything beyond a little embarrassment. 

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we can set you up with a playground that will make everyone feel a little more taken care of.

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