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The Swimming Pool Accessory Everyone Should Have

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Swimming pool facilities, whether they are public or private, can experience extremely high surface temperatures in the summer months. When the sun blazes down on the surface around a pool all day, it can make walking barefoot in that area unbearable. Public pools trying to maximize their usage or private pool owners who want a comfortable and protective coating should get to know the benefits of Perma-Cool coating.

Perma-Cool coating is a fantastic innovation. It reduces the surface temperature of pool decks, playground surfaces, and other outdoor surfaces by more than 20 percent! It does this by reflecting UV rays from the surface, which allows for safer play around pools and playground. Perma-Cool isn’t only useful for heat protection. It also serves as a protective coating that extends the life of a surface. Perma-Cool is a great option for schools with swimming pools that host meets and swim team practices, public pools that want to increase safety and comfort, gyms, clubhouses, or private pools.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your pool surface even further, consider adding a coat of Perma-Seal. It’s a quick drying coating that keeps surface colors vibrant, prevents cracking, holes, and granulation. It minimizes future repair costs and will only cost you minimal facility downtime.

If you’re interested in making your pool or play area safer and more protected, contact Pro-Techs Surfacing. We are experts in the safety surfacing industry and will guide you through the best surfacing choice for your facility.

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