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July 7, 2016
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July 10, 2016
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The Importance of Playgrounds in Cities: Chicago, Boston, and Cincinnati

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Growing up in big cities like Chicago, Boston, or Cincinnati can have huge benefits.  Culture, activities, and opportunities are seemingly endless, and getting bored can be nearly impossible.  However, one thing that most cities are certainly lacking in is green space, and safe surfacing in that green space.  Green spaces like public parks, community gardens, and children’s playgrounds encourage spending time outside in fresh air, something not always able to be achieved in big cities.  By outfitting playgrounds with safe, fun, effective surfacing, you’ll encourage increased play outside for kids and a better sense of community for the city.

Getting Away From The Pavement

In the concrete jungle, finding safe places to play away from the pavement can be difficult.  Scrapes, bruises, or worse can occur when play is not carefully monitored, and it’s much easier to make the ground safe for kids to play on than to encourage kids not to play.  By increasing the number of soft, rubbery surfaces in cities typically filled with hard  streets, you can improve your communities life with a safe place to play.

Lack of Parks

Because of the way that cities tend to be so packed-in, finding significant spaces to have public parks can be difficult.  Establishing a new park is nearly impossible as all of the space in a city is essentially taken up.  Since it’s difficult to make new parks, then you’ve got to improve the ones you already have.  Installing rubber surfacing in the parks in your city will make play so enjoyable and safe that though there are fewer parks than in the suburbs, the added safety measures will attract more people and provide a place to play for more people.

Raising the Value of Your Neighborhood

Installing rubber surfacing isn’t only for the sake of safety, but for aesthetics as well.  New rubber surfacing looks fresh and clean, especially compared to the city sidewalks, so trying to install it in as many appropriate places as possible can be a cost-effective and easy way to improve the overall look of your neighborhood, which can raise property values.  People tend to want to live near parks and green spaces, especially if they have kids.  Sell your home for more, enjoy your city more, and call Pro-Techs Surfacing today to find out about playground surfacing in Chicago, Boston, Cincinnati, and much much more, today.

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