Awesome Green Playgrounds Around the World
Awesome Green Playgrounds Around the World
September 26, 2017
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Playground Surfacing Possibilities

Playground Surfacing Possibilities

In Boston and all over the world, playgrounds have a huge role the in everyday life of children and their parents. As such, playground surfaces are one of the most important parts of the playground. Did you know that more than 75% of all issues and injuries that occur on playgrounds happen due to a poor surface? In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, you will have to consider a proper surfacing style.

Loose-fill options

All loose-fill options are based on adding certain material to the surface. The materials are developed in order to provide comfort and to prevent injuries at all costs. Another mutual benefit is the cost. This is the most affordable option of them all. Don’t think it isn’t durable though. With proper maintenance, this safety surfacing can last as long as you need it. Anyway, two types of loose-fill options include:

EWF (engineered wood fiber)

This is the most affordable of them all. Yes, it will require frequent replenishment, but it will provide comfort and allow for your kids to enjoy their new playground. Keep in mind that this material doesn’t attract pests nor has it been treated with hazardous chemicals.

Rubber pieces

In essence, this is the same type of surfacing as the first one here, but it involves rubber pieces instead of wood fiber. You will have to replace it once per year. Also, this material will get hot during the summer.


Permanent Surfacing Alternatives

Playground Safety Surfacing is available in different types, more durable types. You should know that the permanent options are more expensive, but they are professional surfacing alternatives. Here we have three, the most common types.

Rubber playground surfacing

This is the most common of them all. Basically, these are tiles made from rubber (heavy-duty) which are carefully positioned and implemented into the surface. They can absorb shocks, they are durable and they can withstand a lot of pressure. Yes, they can be replaced if needed.

Poured in Place Surfacing

Basically, you will get the same type of surfacing as in the previous case, only this is more permanent and smoother. This type is used for larger playgrounds, where constant maintenance isn’t an option. The rubber material will be poured into the ground and it will create recreational surfacing which is stunning. We should add that this alternative complies with CPSC and ADA regulations and it has been rated as one of the safest types of playground surfacing.


All of the aforementioned methods are perfect for recreational activities, which don’t involve actual sports. But many sports, for example, basketball, cannot be played on any of the surfaces we have mentioned earlier. In that case, you are going to need asphalt surfacing. Straightaway, you should know that this option is the most durable of them all.


Ideal playground flooring depends on the main purpose of that playground. The first two options are designed for smaller playgrounds, while the other three are high-end alternatives, worthy of the nicest and most expensive playgrounds in the city. Whatever your needs, look no further than Pro-Techs Surfacing to help you carry out all of your playground surfacing ideas.

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