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Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Toddlers?

playground with rubber mulch

Rubber mulch has made playgrounds safer for children of all ages. How does rubber mulch work and how does it keep our kids safe? The principle is pretty simple and effective.


Prevents Moisture Build-Up

Moisture may not seem to be a threat to toddlers. However, it becomes a threat when it is left to stay for a long time. One of the leading threats moisture can cause is mold. Mold is dangerous as it can cause an allergic reaction to toddlers. In some cases, the reaction may be fatal if medical attention is not received in time. Mold may also cause an asthma attack, skin rash, runny nose, sneezing and red eyes. Rubber mulch is designed to ensure mold from moisture is not an issue. The rubber is not absorbant and doesn’t harbor dangerous bacteria in the way that regular mulch does.

Reduces Injuries

Mulch in playgrounds is an effective preventative measure against physical injuries. The playground is a source of fun and games for toddlers. This means they will be running and jumping around for most of the part. In such situations, it is common for children to have accidents. Rubber Mulch prevents the severity of injuries a toddler may get from falling when running. If a child was to fall on the ground, they are likely to get scrapes and even a gash. However, when they fall on mulch, the severity of such injuries is substantially reduced.

The importance of rubber mulch in any playground is quite high. If you want to keep your toddler safe, you should make sure they go to a playground that has rubber mulch or poured in place rubber surfacing instead of regular mulch. This way, you will reduce a number of health risks associated with alternative playing grounds.

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