Playground Surfacing Possibilities
Playground Surfacing Possibilities
October 9, 2017
The Case for Kids Playing Outdoors
The Case for Kids Playing Outdoors
November 8, 2017
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Most Popular Sustainable Playground Surfaces

Most Popular Sustainable Playground Surfaces

When it comes to recreational surfaces, there are many of different options. You probably know about wood chips, which are the most affordable and the easiest to implement. However, they must be replenished each year. In this blog post, we go over sustainable surfaces, which don’t require any type of maintenance or repair.

Poured in Place Surfacing

As the name suggests, this type of surfacing is based on rubber which will be poured in place. It is extremely durable, it is affordable and there is no maintenance at all. Thanks to the fact that you can add a logo, this type of playground surfacing is more than common for private schools. Add the fact that it is possible to choose the color of the rubber and you get a perfect surface for any application.

This is a safety surface which comes with so many additional options. It is sustainable, meaning that there is no need to repair the surface nor anything else. Once poured, the rubber will stay in the same condition for decades. There are no drawbacks with this method. The price for this is around $15 per square foot.

Rubber tiles

They are soft and they are basically similar to the aforementioned alternative. However, they are beneficial due to the fact that they can be paired with drainage. They are more than desirable in areas where water can be an issue. The rubber tiles are also soft, available in different colors and are sustainable.

This option is probably the most appealing to some users. It is affordable to install and even in the case of a repair, you won’t have to invest a huge amount of money, simply because each tile can be replaced individually. Rubber playground surfacing of this type is highly desirable in areas where high impacts are common. The rubber tiles are superb in absorbing impacts from a distance.

Synthetic Turf

This type of surfacing is different than anything else you may have encountered. The first advantage is in the natural look of the grass you will get on the surface. Playground surfacing which provides the look of real grass is probably the most appealing to children and in areas where there are no grass surfaces, is the best option.

Let’s add the fact that this surfacing is excellent in absorbing impacts. Also, it allows you to get drainage beneath the grass surface. Last, but not least, you will get a cooling effect which makes us believe this is the way to go in an area where the temperature may get high.

Don’t forget that this type of surfacing requires lead-free and recyclable materials, making this choice the best for the environment.


Sustainable playground surfaces are the best option. They last for the longest period of time and they are the most affordable to install. Additionally, there is little to no maintenance required with these options.

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