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Tips For Maintaining Rubber Mulch

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Rubber mulch is the most sustainable type of mulch that is used in landscaping and outdoor surfacing and uses 100% rubber. Over the years, the mulch has continued to gain popularity among homeowners and landscapers. That is because the mulch is highly resistant to diseases and is hefty, and thus cannot be carried away quickly. Also, rubber mulch does not decompose, remaining in its normal state even when there’s rainfall. To top it all off, rubber mulch requires less effort to maintain it.


Laying the mulch is not the end of the work. The mulch is no different from other types of mulches. You have to check it every couple months to turning it up, putting the top layer on top. The process helps the soil naturally compact. Furthermore, you should mix it with the soil so that you can allow there to be free water flow smoothly. Rubber mulch doesn’t need to be raked and turned as much as regular wooden mulch, so it’s a good option for people looking for something that isn’t very time consuming.


Rising the dirt off the ground and dirt accumulated on the mulch it is the only process of maintaining it. In areas where the ground cover has been washed off by rain, you are at liberty to add additional mulch.


Sometimes, rack the mulch to loosen any compacted areas inside and to make it look nice and neat. Because it’s heavier than wooden mulch, the wind won’t sweep it away and it won’t get moved much at all by heavy foot traffic.


Weeds growing on the mulch can result in the loss of nutrients from the other plants, just like any other kind of mulch. Take care to remove any weeds before they become a serious problem.


After using your mulch for quite some time, you will begin to notice that lower parts of the ground may be lacking some mulch, probably because it has been washed away. If that’s the case, make sure you add some mulch to those areas.

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