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Play Everywhere: Considering Installing a Playground at Your Place of Worship

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For many people, religion is central to their life at home.  Church, synagogue, mosque, or wherever you go to feel spiritual, should be fun and fulfilling for the whole family.  Though your kids may not feel personally religious just yet in their lives, they can still enjoy going to worship with their families.  There are many benefits to installing a playground at your religious center, so do it correctly, do it safely, and do it with Pro-Techs Surfacing.

Associating Playing and Praying

The power of association is one of the most convincing psychological tools we have as people.  Companies choose what shows they want to air commercials during in order to promote the idea that somehow because you connect with the show you’re watching, you will connect with their product as well.  The fact that this works as a marketing strategy is predicated on the power of association.  In a similar manner, associating worship with play by guaranteeing your child some time at the playground after a service can be a very powerful tool in getting them to enjoy going to worship.  Getting the kids up for church on Sunday will no longer result in a fight to get out of bed.  They’ll be excited to go because they know that it means play time, and eventually, they will get the same enjoyment out of the services they attend.

Finding Peace in Relaxation

Going to worship shouldn’t feel like a chore.  You should indulge your spirituality because it makes you feel happy and fulfilled, not because you feel like you must.  If part of the reason why you enjoy going to church or synagogue is the family time that it implies, then why not extend that by watching your kids play?  Taking time for your family where you can relax and watch your children at play can be very valuable in strengthening family bonds and allowing yourself to really feel at peace.  In other words, don’t just go for the sake of going, get the most out of your religious experience by making it just that, an experience.

Benefiting Associated Schools

Many churches, synagogues, or mosques offer some sort of childcare service to its members.  Whether it be Sunday school, day care, or even a full elementary school, installing a playground will benefit all of the children involved in the congregation. 

Time and time again studies have shown how crucial it is for kids to play together, and play safely together, in order to develop proper social and motor skills.  Allowing the children of your congregation an all access pass to playing will do more for them than you may think, so contact Pro-Techs Surfacing for a consultation today!

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