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How to Update an Old Playground

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Just because a playground is older doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the potential to be great again. Here are a few tips for updating an old playground for future generations of fun.

 Take a Hard Look at Playground Equipment

Over the years, even safe equipment can develop problems that become actual safety hazards. There is a reason you don’t see many of the older merry go rounds in playgrounds today. Parents expect a lot higher standard of safety than was once acceptable.

If you have some equipment that still appears to be solid, then consider having it refinished for a more up to date look.

Play Surfaces

If you have concrete, gravel, or bare earth, then there are consequences that go along with this type of surface. For starters, these surfaces are not forgiving. Injuries due to falls onto hard and abrasive surfaces can be very serious. There is safety surfacing that is much better at protecting children at play!

Poured in place rubber surfacing reduces slips, falls, and provides a cushioned fall with less chance of any injuries occurring. How is this achieved you might ask? Through shredding recycled rubber tires and melting them with a few other ingredients, Pro  Techs can create a safe and sturdy play surface for outdated playgrounds.

Over the years you may discover that you are spending less on surface maintenance because poured in place surfacing doesn’t wear away like gravel mulches.

Consider Disability Access

Every child deserves a place that is safe and comfortable to play in. In the past, some playgrounds were not designed with handicapped children in mind. Poured in place surfacing provides added fall protection and those in wheelchairs can navigate it easily. Gravel or rubber mulches can make it impossible for those with mobility issues to use playgrounds.

Updating Your Playground

Any updates should be well planned. Pro-Techs can help you plan your playground update. Contact us with any questions or concerns and one of our experts will be happy to help you. If you are on a smaller budget, you may consider upgrading one aspect of your playground at a time.

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