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How to Make Playgrounds Accessible to All

Have you ever considered whether or not your playground is accommodating enough for those that have mobility issues? If you have a feeling that your playground is not welcoming, then there are many things you can do about it. Here are a few things to consider.

 Safe Play Surfaces

Scrapes, falls, fractures, etc. are not words that you ever want to hear when you have a playground. This means avoiding surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and gravel. The solution is a safe and level surface that is free of debris. Poured in place playground surfacing is made from shredded rubber tires primarily. This means your surface is not only safe but is making a positive impact on the environment.

Mobility Issues Solved

Poured in place rubber surfacing is safe for those with wheelchairs, canes, or prosthetics, to be able to walk on and enjoy. This is one of the most practical solutions to problems with surfaces being too rough for disabled kids to have fun in a safe manner.

Get the Word Out

If your playground hasn’t been updated in a while,  you should be sure to let others know about the improvements you have made. If someone with a disability has lacked access, then they will appreciate being informed immediately. This also creates a positive impression for your school, business, or organization.

Day Cares

Those in the child care business know how important it is to be inclusive and considerate when interacting with those from a wide range of backgrounds. Having a playground that is easy for kids to have safe fun in will help your reputation and show you care. Also, there are rules and regulations you must meet for safety anyway. Pro-Techs can help you design the most fun and accessible playground that will delight children and parents alike.


Getting input from parents whose kids use the playground and the kids themselves can be a big help and get you thinking about what improvements would mean the most to everyone. PTA meetings and other events are a good place to start a dialogue. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference! Parents will appreciate being included in future improvements happening where their kids spend a lot of time.

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