Avoid Playground-Related Injuries with Pro Techs Surfacing
Avoid Playground-Related Injuries with Pro Techs Surfacing
August 29, 2017
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Developmental Benefits of Playground Play

Developmental Benefits of Playground Play

Playgrounds have further lasting effects than just fun for a day, that’s for sure. They have been linked to aiding in development, healthiness and happiness in children. Subsequently, a safe playground (with safe flooring such as that provided by Pro Techs Surfacing) is a great place to take your kids to give them an experience that will benefit them for a lifetime. There are many ways to describe the benefits and advantages to be found.

The equipment in playgrounds helps children of any age level to develop motor skills and intellectual capacities as well. Cognitive development from the use of swings includes problem solving, dramatic imagination and mental representation. The swings are also responsible for helping with sensory stimulation. Proving this point, studies show that children ages 3-5 require certain kinds of large motor equipment for optimal development. Additionally, sunlight (gained from time on playgrounds) stimulates the body to make Vitamin D, which is important to development, as well as learning.

The man who created the very first kindergarten (in 1837), Friedrich Froebel, said that playtime was deeply significant to the development of any child. This is because young kids have a less developed nervous system and cannot process information as relentlessly as adults. Sitting in classrooms for several hours without any break can lead to wasted time in the classroom. Subsequently, the playground is becoming the last refuge of healthy overall development (social, cognitive and emotional).

A lot of tactile opportunities are provided in a playground. Any playgrounds with options for sand or water play ensure that sensory experiences and development occur. The need to touch, the opportunity to master materials and pure tactile experiences are encountered.

On a more intellectual level, the decline of playgrounds has a known link to behavioral problems, ADHD and to “stunted” cognitive, social and creative development. Climbing equipment stimulates cognitive skills like memory, problem solving and visualization. It puts to use the perceptual motor skills and increases fitness ability. It enhances body and spatial awareness and develops most of the motor skills.

Playground play also quite effectively mitigates stress which has a measurably negative effect on learning and health. Thus, research has shown that one of the best predictors of whether kids feel happy in school is whether they feel comfortable and competent during recess. Happiness is a byproduct of outdoor play on a playground and begets more joy when kids can continually head outdoors to explore, learn and grow. Mastering the different apparatuses on a playground will provide a child with physical challenges, but will also ensure that self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted, too.

In summation, there are many positive benefits that accompany fun and safe playground play, so take your kids to a playground that features Pro Techs Surfacing’s recreational safety surfacing today.

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