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Best Playground Surfaces for High Traffic Play Areas

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When it comes to high traffic play areas, there are a lot of things that need to be considered for the health and well-being of the children and parents that use playgrounds on a daily basis. The surface of a playground has a lot to do with how serious injuries are that occur when the inevitable bumps and spills happen. In recent years, a lot of people have realized that the old hard surfaces a lot of us remember growing up on are not the best idea for kids. Here are a few surfaces to consider for high traffic areas. You would be surprised to realize just how affordable some of these options are and how long they last.

Rubber Mulch

This type of mulch comes in a variety of colors. The mulch itself is made from recycled rubber tires that have been shredded and treated.  This type of mulch is safer than regular mulch, as it is much softer and won’t cause splinters or scratches like traditional mulch.

Poured in Place Safety Surfacing

This product is made of the same rubber that our rubber mulch is made out of. The major difference is that it is melted and mixed with a few other ingredients and poured to create a play surface that is forgiving, level, and offers excellent traction.

This is an ideal surface for playgrounds that want to be as accessible and safe as possible. The surfacing is very durable, and it is easy to sweep and clean when needed. Since you can get it in a lot of different colors, you can create poured in place designs on the main play surface of the area you are treating.

Pool Areas

Pools and any other water play areas have their special concerns. Slipping is far more likely when there is water involved. Pro-Techs offers poured in place surfacing made specifically for such areas. The unique Perma-Cool system makes kids comfortable playing even when the sun is blazing down in the middle of a summer day. The special coating reduces the heat absorbed, making for a cool surface that won’t burn feet. This is ideal for high traffic summer play areas like public pools.

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