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July 24, 2016
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The Best Outdoor Flooring for Small Playgrounds

blue rubber mulch

Playground surfacing is made from different kinds of materials. There are poured in place options that are easily maintained and safe for even the smallest children to play on, but for small, personal play spaces, rubber mulch is a great economical option.

Rubber from Tires?

Most rubber mulch used on playgrounds and in landscaping is made from used tires. Present day technology has allowed manufacturers to come up with tires that are made from rubber that is free of toxic material. This has made it possible to have tires that can be recycled into a variety of products. In 2016, studies showed that new tires were very safe to the point that children could play with them. This is the reason why companies manufacturing mulch for playgrounds were allowed to use old tires.

One of the things that make these tires popular is their drainage capabilities. Unlike other materials such as wood, rubber has very good anti-moisture properties. In the event there is rain or water is poured on the playground, it can be dried easily. At the same time, the rubber will not seep into the water. This means risks such as bacteria and fungi that thrive in moist situations will not be a risk.

Rubber mulch is easy to maintain, which is another reason it’s a great choice for small playgrounds. It doesn’t fly away with heavy traffic or windy weather like regular mulch does, so keeping it contained to a small area is very simple. It doesn’t need regular raking and doesn’t have to be replaced at the same rate as regular mulch, making it a perfect option for a small play area or playground.

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