Developmental Benefits of Playground Play
Developmental Benefits of Playground Play
September 12, 2017
Playground Surfacing Possibilities
Playground Surfacing Possibilities
October 9, 2017
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Awesome Green Playgrounds Around the World

Awesome Green Playgrounds Around the World

Kilburn Grange Adventure Play Park, London

This awesome playground boasts outdoor rooms, towers and climbing structures. It was built by Erect Architecture. It’s set among the remains of a Victorian Arboretum and as such, much of the park’s theme has to do with exploring and enjoying trees. The structures feature recycled doors, lots of tree parts and huge, natural-looking boulders. It also includes a vegetable garden and fruit trees. 


Rainwater-Capturing Playgrounds, New York City

NYC has a wastewater problem. Even an inch falling across the city can disrupt the wastewater system. As part of a green solution to this problem, the Department of Environmental Protection got together with the Trust for Public Land to create thoughtful water run-off solutions inside 10 new playgrounds throughout the city. The playground boasts a myriad of water-catching tools thought up by some ingenious green engineers, including barrels, raised gardens, porous pavement and underground storage layers. Look for the unique playgrounds in Newton Creek, Gowanus Canal and Jamaica Bay.


Skinners Shipping Container Playground, Melbourne

This playground emphasizes recycling by making use of some everyday items. The architecture firm Phooey Architects used four discarded shipping containers as the basis of its design for a unique adventure playground and childhood activity space. A lot of the features in the Skinners Playground are simply container cut outs that have been refurbished. The stair railings, shade overhangs, and balconies were once simple containers, remade for a new purpose. The whole playground has a vibe that it was created by kids, who we all know are the best at refurbishing old items and breathing new life into them. 

Nishi Rokugo Park, Japan

 Nishi Rokugo Park (which means Tire Park) features dinosaurs, monsters, bridges, slides and swings that are made from car tires. Loose tires seem to abound that kids and parents can use to stack, roll, jump on and climb inside. This playground is particularly apt as it is located right near Japan’s Kawasaki plants.


Upcycled Wind Turbine Playground, Netherlands

Wind turbines were never really big subjects of recycling, but in the Netherlands, a country long-known for its ability to harness the wind, one creative firm decided that the blades and tower of a spent wind turbine should be up-cycled into something fun, instead of the usual trajectory to a landfill. The playground was designed by the local architectural firm Superuse Studios, who inventively used rotor blades to create mazes, tunnels, towers and slides that beg to be played on.


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