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July 28, 2016
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Top benefits of Safety Surfacing

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Our safety surfacing products (2-layer system and 1-layer system) are each certified for a safe and healthy playground experience. Although that feature is certainly important, it is not the only thing that the products provide. The features of the 1 layer and 2 layer system come with many other benefits for enjoyment. It works wonderfully for playgrounds, while efficiently durable for walking trails. Here are just a few of the benefits that make our recreational safety surfacing some of the best on the market.


Balance for comfort

Have you ever taken the time to compare rubber surfacing with concrete? Which would be more enjoyable to walk on? It might not feel that different (unless you were walking bear-foot). However, chances are that your shoes will know the difference. Take a moment to notice how many scrapes your dress shoes would have when consistently walking home from work on concrete. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have walkways with rubber surfacing? It would be a huge benefit to not just casual walkers, but also for joggers and people exercising. You don’t even have to be running to get the benefit of recreational safety surfacing. Doing push-ups and full-body exercises can be a lot more comfortable with rubber. You wouldn’t want to do 50 push-ups on hard, painful concrete, would you?



Have you ever thought of how many areas could use rubber surfacing? You might be thinking of playgrounds or racetracks. But that is only scratching the surface (sorry for the pun). Our 2-layer system (Perma-play rubber surfacing) can be used for playgrounds, pool decks, running tracks, helipads, patio surfacing, garage floor surfacing, walking trails, playground safety mats, and other applications. Our 1-layer system (colored rubber mulch) can be used for outdoor playgrounds, walking trails, residential/commercial landscaping, wear mats, and other applications.


Slip Resistant

We’ve all seen it. It might have rained on the way to class. The kids are running around outside for recess. Naturally, some of them are playing in the mud or water puddles. One of them slips and falls on the ground. Rather than having that possibility come up, it would be easier to just implement recreational safety surfacing. That is right; both 1 layer and 2 layer system are slip resistant. Now kids, joggers, and anyone else running across the rubber can stay on track and in control.


There are more abilities that the 1 layer and 2 layer systems contain (both individually and in common). But the truth is that no matter what environment you have, we are willing to work with you to figure out what type of surfacing is right for you. For more information on our services and other products, please feel free to contact us here.

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