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July 2, 2017
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July 6, 2017
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Top 5 underrated areas that can benefit from rubber surfacing

Rubber outdoor flooring running track.

When someone thinks about rubber surfacing, the first thing that might come to mind is a playground or pool deck. And although those locations certainly benefit from the surfacing, there are far more possibilities out there than they might realize. Rubber indoor and outdoor flooring can be used for virtually any location where people are consistently walking on. And our surfacing products can certainly provide for such areas. Take for instance our Perma-play 2-layer system. The rubber indoor/outdoor flooring works for many applications. Here are just a few of the surfacing applications that everyone can benefit from.


Patio Surfacing

You don’t have to own a public pool or playground to have rubber outdoor flooring. The material works wonderfully with backyard patios. Think about it, don’t you want to avoid continuously walking on the grass and getting your feet dirty? You could always set up a stone trail, but that can also hurt your feet and flip-flops after continuous usage. Comfortable rubber mulch can provide the patio surface you need.


Walking trail recreational surfacing

Whether it is a hotel, school, cruise, or backyard, large amounts of people would prefer a smooth surface to walk on. If many people are consistently moving from one area to another, you might want to consider the effect that the surface has on their feet. Once they see the rubber recreational surfacing, they will instantly want to jump to that part of the ground. And they can get to wherever they are going much faster.


Running Track

Rubber surfacing is about more than just providing comfort. It is about providing reasonable support for the people walking on them. And that support cannot be more important than for track runners. Whether it is a public park or gym, rubber outdoor flooring is an ideal material for track running. Its level of durability is perfect for touch shoes running back and fourth. Since the flooring is easy to maintain, your local park will have a long-lasting location for their regular exercise.


Helipad Surfacing

For helicopters landing and taking off, it is essential to have the right surface to hold it. Rubber surfacing is incredibly useful for ground-level helipads. The surfacing’s versatility allows for multiple landings, while also being soft enough not to harm the feet of the helicopter as it lands.


Garage Floor Surfacing

This possibility is often overlooked. Garage floors could utilize rubber surfacing for multiple reasons. Obviously, it is good to keep the garage door on a stable surface. But since machines, boxes and other supplies are often stored in your garage, you need a comfortable, resilient surface to support them.


At the end of the day, rubber surfacing holds many different possibilities for your facilities. Whether they are private surfaces or recreational surfacing, there are many uses available for our various products. For any more information, please feel free to see our FAQ, or contact us here.

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