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The Importance of Recess

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Stress is relative, and though paying bills and supporting your family are objectively much more stressful than learning how to multiply fractions, to your children, not understanding the latest concept in geometry is about as stressful as it gets.  We all need to blow off steam, and for your children, that comes in the form of recess.  In an effort to keep up with foreign competitors in education and the advancement of our society, recess periods the country over have been shortened in the interest of extending class time, but is that really the best thing for the development of our youth?  Playing is vital to your child’s development, and playing on safe, rubber surfacing only betters their play experience.

Physical Exercise

Getting up and spending time outside is just as important for kids as it is for adults.  Sitting at a desk all day and promoting generally sedentary lifestyles in children is detrimental to their health, both physical and mental.  Setting aside a time in the day for kids to run around and get some exercise will inform good health now and good habits as they get older.

Forging Relationships

Friendships are vital relationships for kids to have growing up.  They instill confidence, happiness, and a generally good disposition toward the world, so how can you expect kids to make deep, lasting friendships when all they do is learn?  Recess allows kids to interact with one another and form the relationships that will mean so much to them as they age.  Being able to play with new friends on playground surfacing without fear of injury is incredibly important for development of friendship and trust.

Being Creative

Though many playgrounds these days feature some sort of jungle gym structure, that isn’t necessary for providing your kids with a great place to play.  Just having recreational surfacing for them to play on is enough to encourage creativity in creating their own games to entertain themselves.  Playing with new friends and learning how to create with them is another great thing about recess.   It’s nice to see how kids spend time that is unstructured, as it gives you greater insight into their interests and behaviors.

Recess is important.  It fosters an environment of freedom and happiness for kids, so provide the children in your community with the best, most safe play time possible by lining their playground with Pro-Techs Surfacing.

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