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The Importance of Playground Safety
July 15, 2017
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How safe playgrounds nurture better childhood experiences
July 20, 2017
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Safety Surfacing = Peace of Mind

Handles for jungle gym.

Imagine that you are checking out a new playground in town. As a parent, you are looking to see if the playground is safe enough for your child. You might be looking at the neighborhood, the trees, and especially the jungle gym. But there is one thing that should be inspected among all of the other elements: the floor. How safe is the surface of the playground? Is it hard concrete? Is it well-preserved grass? One type of flooring you cannot go wrong with is safety surfacing. Our rubber outdoor flooring works wonders for playgrounds. They contain many features that promote safety while the kids enjoy their recess. We have two main safety surface options: our 2-layer system and 1-layer system. Here are a few reasons why these systems make for the safest possible experience for your kids.



Just the sign of the IPEMA should be enough to show that the right people have reviewed our safety surfacing. The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association has validated both of these systems to be up to standard. It is also handicap accessible. When it comes to the playground area, you can be certain that our 2-layer and 1 layer system will be up to professional protection.



Kids are going to be running around the surface constantly. Some surfaces may look indestructible when they are first put in. However, the real test is how long it lasts against children running back and fourth over the course of a few months. Rest assured, our outdoor flooring will surely stand up to that test. Made with durability in mind, our rubber outdoor flooring will be able to last a long time.



Staying strong is great and all, but what about when it gets wet. Whether it is from rain or slippery shoes, you won’t have to worry about this surfacing causing your child to slip and fall. It is called Safety Surfacing for a reason.


Hard but protective

The great thing about rubber surfacing is that it provides a good level of balance for your child’s environment. It is not as hard as concrete, but it is not as flexible as dirt. Living in a happy medium, the rubber surfacing allows for the children to feel free to experiment with their games and challenges. They can climb the monkey bars and jump rope without worrying about the impact of where they can fall. Obviously, we wouldn’t want them to fall hard and hurt themselves. But although we do not want to acknowledge it, mistakes are going to be made and at some point our children will hurt themselves. So consider this, would you rather have your child running around and falling on rubber safety surfacing or on hard concrete?


The safety surfacing contains many unique capabilities. It is easy to maintain and seamless. However, the one benefit that we care about the most is how provides for our children. For more information on our surfacing products, please feel free to contact us here.

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