Perma Seal and Perma Cool Applications

Perma-Cool Coating

Outdoor Safety Flooring with the Ability to Beat the Heat
Stay cool even in the blistering heat with Pro-Techs Surfacing's Perma-Cool

What good is a playground that’s too hot to play on?

Our Perma-Cool coating reduces the surface temperature of playgrounds, pool decks and other outdoor surfaces by more than 20 percent by reflecting UV rays off the surface.
This not only allows children to play more safely during summer’s heat, it also extends the life of your play surface area.

Perma-Seal Roll Coating

Bring your play surface back to life

Our Perma-Seal rejuvenates your surface,making it brighter and more vibrant, keeping it supple, and extending its life by helping prevent holes, cracking, and granulation – which also helps minimize future costly repairs.

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