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How Much Safer is Safe Surfacing?

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When considering what material to use to surface your playground, you want it to be as safe as possible, but how does rubber surfacing really compare to other materials?  When it comes to the safety of your children, you can’t be too careful, and though certain materials may be advertised as safe, very few materials really compare to the playground safety surfacing offered by Pro-Techs Surfacing.  In this post, we want to show you how rubber surfacing compares to other commonly used materials and why ours is the obvious choice.

Wood Chips or Bark Mulch

Seen in a lot of public parks, wood chips or bark mulch is what essentially looks like moist pieces of wood and dirt coating the bottom of your playground.  Though certainly softer than concrete and gravel, wood chips still has its downfalls.  In designing any space, especially a playground for kids, you want it to be accessible to all.  Due to its unevenness, people who require wheelchairs to get around are not able to participate in playground play on wood chips.  This makes wood chips not only a less safe option for kids physically, but mentally as well, as the exclusion felt by those unable to participate could prove more damaging than scrapes and bruises.

Grass and Dirt

Fairly soft and fairly free, grass and dirt are a tempting choice for playground surfacing.  Though grass and dirt are wheelchair accessible and decently safe, they don’t have a proper drainage system.  This means mud, slippery glass, and children running, which is never a good combination.  Kids can easily slip and fall on wet grass and hurt themselves.  Our playground surfacing, however, is equipped with the proper drainage systems to allow water to disperse properly and not flood the playground.  This is a safer environment for your kids, and better drainage means less water damage for your playground.

Rubber Surfacing

Rubber surfacing is the best option for playgrounds due to its wheelchair accessibility, ability to conform to ASTM 1292 protection standards, its proper drainage systems, and its high fall height protection.  Though it will initially cost you more money than grass, dirt, mulch, wood chips, and other materials, the money you save in the end in medical bills will be well worth it.

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