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How Artificial Grass Can Help You Go Green

When you think of “going green”, you probably don’t think that that might involve artificial turf, but the opposite is true for an increasing amount of public spaces and private lawns. The popularity of artificial grass is growing, and it’s not only because of how convenient it is or how authentic it looks. People are choosing artificial grass because of its “green” properties, too.

Water restrictions around the country have forced property managers and private home owners to get creative. Think of how much water it takes to water the grass for a football field, playground, apartment complex, golf course, etc. A standard soccer field requires 50,000 litres of water each application, at a rate of 2-3 applications per week. That’s a lot of water! We can reduce our water consumption by switching to artificial grass.

Artificial lawns do not require any maintenance. You can save costs on landscaping companies and your water bill at the same time while complying with any water regulations you may be under. An added benefit is that artificial grass does not require pesticides to keep insects at bay, so toxic materials need not be around those playing or utilizing the lawn. Pollution from gasoline powered lawn trimming equipment also becomes a thing of the past. Artificial grass really is an economic and environmentally friendly option.

Pro-Techs Surfacing installs superior quality turf systems for playgrounds, schools, parks, golf courses, sports fields, lawns, and more. Our artificial turf is far superior to any other system on the market. Give us a call to get started on your space today.

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