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July 20, 2017
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July 29, 2017
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Custom Playground Ideas Offer Built-In Entertainment


Rubber playground surfacing offers all sorts of fun customizable ideas to spruce up your playground. Using our Perma-Play 2-Layer System, you get the freedom of endless custom design capability to aid in the planning and development of your new park or recreational area. Playgrounds have been a staple in early childhood for generations, and the games played upon them really haven’t changed much. Hopscotch, four square, tetherball, kickball, and other classics are still played by children around the world. Modern technology allows us to provide a safer space for them to play on, and rubber playground surfacing has become a must for most recreational areas. Designing your playground with a few games in mind helps encourage kids to play on the safety surfacing rather than running to the blacktop where they face a greater risk of hurting themselves.



Hopscotch is a classic playground game spanning the ages. Over the years there have been several different versions of how the court is laid out,  but a traditional hopscotch court consists of three boxes laid out one on top of the other, two boxes side-by-side on top of that, followed by another single box, another two side-by-side, then an end space. The game is played by tossing a stone into one of the boxes and skipping through the boxes to retrieve it without making any wrong steps. A traditional hopscotch court can easily be designed into the Perma-Play rubber playground surfacing.


Four Square

Consisting of one big square divided into four equally sized smaller squares, a four-square court is a simple design easily incorporated into any recreational surfaces. Each square is typically numbered one through four or is divvied up into the hierarchy of jack, queen, king, and ace. Bring a bouncing kickball and you have an activity that will keep kids occupied at recess for years to come.


Tether Ball

Building a tether ball court offers another great activity for kids revolving around safety surfacing. Fitting a pole with a tether ball to your playground, surrounded by rubber playground surfacing with a circular design around the circumference of the play area will create a tether ball court sure to be a popular attraction.


Building your playground or recreational area with rubber playground surfacing will ensure your children can enjoy playing outdoors in safety and comfort. We offer all manners of custom designs to fit the needs of your public or private playgrounds. Contact Pro-Tech Surfacing anytime at (330) 576-6058 or for inquiries about any of our recreational surfacing services.

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